Thursday, July 3, 2014


While every day is diaper day (until Violet is potty trained at least--and by then there will probably be another little one in diapers), every four days I wash diapers.  Before V was born, I knew I wanted to cloth diaper.  I also didn't know a single person who did, which made this an entirely trial-and-error experience.  However, being a first-time parent, everything has been trial-and-error.  (Sorry, Violet!)

I use bumGenius 4.0 snap and hook & loop and I love them.  I've also got a handful of some other brands given to me by a friend that she used for her little one.  They work just as well and they were used for about 2 years before I started using them.  In total, I have about 27ish diapers.  I usually have enough clean ones to make it through washing day.

Cloth diapering isn't for everyone.  In fact, it's a commitment.  While using cloth diapers will save you money in the long run, it is more money upfront than using disposables.  Luckily for us, we were gifted most of these as baby shower gifts.  The rest we purchased online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and saved tons!).

The pros of cloth diapering are:
  • It's a money saver EVEN with the extra laundry, especially if you plan on having more than one kid.  (This was the major reason we chose to do it.)
  • It's better for the environment.  
  • Your baby comes in less contact with harmful chemicals found in disposable diapers.  Those chemical include, but aren't limited to: sodium polyacrylate and dioxin.  There have been recent studies possibly linking disposable diapers with asthma and fertility problems among males when they reach adulthood (Eek!).  (
The cons of cloth diapering are:
  • It does cost more money upfront than buying disposables.
  • They are bulkier than disposables.  This is too true.  We often lovingly refer to our daughter as "Big Booty Judy" and I sometimes catch myself singing, "Booty, booty, booty, booty rocking everywhere."  
All that being said, we choose to use cloth diapers during the day and BabyGanics disposables (cheapest at Target) at night and when traveling.

Since it is Throwback Thursday, here are some pics of V in her cloth diapers.

Pacifier Clip 

And this one shows her large and in charge.  It just kills me that she only has one sock on.

PajamasSofie the Giraffe