Wednesday, July 30, 2014


There is seriously nothing better than a 9 month old baby.  Violet is just this little, chubby ball of slobbery kisses, giggles, and tickle toes.

Monthly Sticker
Milestones: three teeth, mimicking sounds we make, giving kisses, clapping while simultaneously making an Indian war cry (quite the multi-tasker...she is a true woman), drinking out of a straw, stands unassisted and has even taken a couple of steps!

Likes: throwing her pacifiers out of her crib, turning order into disorder (i.e. making a mess of anything and everything), trying to eat paper, playing peek-a-boo, trying new foods, and Neil (obviously)

Dislikes:  diaper changes (she actually seems to hate them...such a strong word, but so true)...if you saw the things I do to try and entertain her through a diaper change, you would think I was a loon.

Life now-a-days:  Violet has been sleeping a little better (knock on wood).  When she wakes up, she greets me with the sweetest little smile or bounces up and down with excitement.  She enjoys emptying her toy box.  The toy she really wants is always the last one in the box.  When she's super excited, she squeals, which is hands-down the cutest sound ever.  Not only does she like chasing after Neil, but she likes chasing us up and down the halls in her walker.  She loves being outside and going for walks (if it's not 10,000 degrees).  And Jon definitely makes her giggle the most.

I've always told Jon my favorite baby age is 9 months and it's true, Violet's cuteness has really peaked!  I just want to cuddle with her all the time...and she doesn't (sad face).  This little monkey just wants to climb all over and investigate new places and things.  I can't believe our angel baby is only a baby for three more months and then she's a toddler!