Welcome to The Polk Folk!  
I'm Sarah.  Married to Jon.  Mama to Violet and Lena.

My story.

I grew up in Louisiana, where I met my husband when I was just 12 years old!  We started dating when I was a senior in college.  After graduating grad school, we got married.  (Read about our elopement here!)  We lived in New Orleans for several years and probably spent the equivalent of a down payment on a house going out to eat.  It was delicious and we don't regret it, not a single bite.  

After giving birth to our first child, Violet Leslie, in October 2013, I left my job as a special education teacher to become a full time, stay-at-home mom.  I started The Polk Folk when Violet was about 7 months old because I realized life was passing by too quickly and too much was going by undocumented.  (Here's my first post!)

We recently moved to the Houston area, which is somehow hotter than Louisiana.  Violet and I spend our weekdays trying not to get lost, while Jon is out winning our bread.  Our weekends are spent enjoying homemade breakfasts, swimming, and working on small house projects to make this place feel like home.  

Our second little one, Lena Rose, was born November 2015!  Follow me as I share the precious memories of Violet and Lena and what it's like to be just a mere mortal versus a toddler and baby.  

All opinions are my own and only products I truly love are endorsed. 

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