Friday, September 23, 2016


Happy first day of fall!!!

There's been so much to do around here, that I've neglected the blog again.  We've been busy soaking up the fresh mountain air and sunshine, but we are super looking forward to a crisp autumn this year.  We'll often just grab a quilt and go outside to blow bubbles, draw chalk masterpieces, and take in the view.  I do my best to keep Lena from eating grass, but, eh, ya happens.  Both girls are growing up so fast and I'm loving this season of life with them (minus the tantrums).  They both do and say so many cute things and so much of it is forgotten, pushed out of memory by a million other new things going on.  I wanted to take a quick snapshot of their lives as they are now so someday (probably just a year or less from now) when it's nearly forgotten because pregnancies and babies and sleep deprivation and laundry piles and grocery lists turned my brain to mush, I can look back and smile at the sweetness of this chaotic life I call mine.

Violet // 2 years, 11 months

Violet is a big girl.  I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but she there's no sign of baby left and that's kinda bittersweet.  She's independent and sassy and sweet and the wheels in her little head are constantly moving.  When she finds something that intrigues her, there's no stopping the obsession. 

Violet's pretty good about trying new things, which makes mealtime much easier than several months back when she went through a super picky phase.  Her favorite foods are raspberries, kiwi, peanut butter mach (PB&J), green beans, sardines and crackers, and pretty much any sweet food under the sun.

Naps are a thing of the distant past, which is extremely depressing because naptime was my happy hour.  However, she has FINALLY started sleeping through the night without waking.  If she does wake up, she'll crawl into bed with us for a couple of hours, which Jon and I both kinda love...minus the sideways sleeping and kicking your face part.   


Her current "thing" is the fifty states.  Y'all.  My TWO year old can identify every friggin state.  What in the ham sandwich?  She'll be eating her lunch, take a bite of whatever and hold it up and say, "It's Wisconsin!"  And then I've gotta go Google it because I don't freaking know what Wisconsin looks like, and sure enough, she's right!   And it seems we've officially entered the terrible twos because time-outs are a regular event in the Polk household.  And it's always over the dumbest stuff like she wants to go to the library, but doesn't want to wear shoes, or because I won't let her out the house with her shirt on inside out and backwards, or because Lena looked at her, or because I insist she pick up the 10,000 Q-tips she lined up in a train all around my room, or because boogers (which I don't really blame her for this one). 

Lena // 10 months

Lena is into everything.  EVERYTHING.  She's going through the phase where she tries to eat every little speck of whatever the crap she can get her little fingers on.  Sometimes it's actually food, other times it's carpet fuzz or paper or the fist full of cat fur she just ripped off our poor cat who doesn't realize playing dead isn't working for him.

I'm still exclusively breastfeeding Lena.  Thankfully, nursing this time around has been much, much easier.  I don't worry about a schedule like I did with Violet, nor do I worry about my supply, which has made motherhood way less stressful.  Lena loves food though.  She'll eat anything...everything.  Sometimes she'll be in her walker in the kitchen totally preoccupied with our cat or with Violet, and she'll hear some sound like me opening a package, or the fridge, or the clink of a utensil on a plate and she'll back-up in a sprint with this look on her face like oh haaayyy, what's that you got there???

  I miss sleep.  So much.  During the day, Lena is such a sweet, smiley baby.  She's always so happy.  Then darkness falls and she turns into a vampire that sucks our souls out.  But, I know it'll get better.  And she's a pretty good napper, so I can't complain about that.  One of my favorite times of the day is putting her down for her morning nap.  She goes to sleep so quickly and easily, I'm able to rock her for a few minutes and just enjoy the sweetness of a sleeping baby in my arms.    

Lena is so close to walking.  She's taken about three steps before, but usually she takes one step and just squats like she's realized she made a big mistake.  I really thought she'd be walking by now, but who needs to walk when you can crawl at lightening speed?   She's gotta be fast to keep up with Violet.  She just adores her big sister and wants to do everything V does, which is a struggle since she can't.  It won't be long though!