Sunday, March 15, 2015


I'm so excited that spring is here.  (Well, almost.)  It definitely feels and looks like spring.  All the flowers are blooming and it's just gorgeous.  I used to really love cold weather.  In fact, most of my wardrobe is cardigans.  I have a practically non-existant warm weather wardrobe despite living in a state with mostly face-melting hot months.  But, I hate going out in the cold with Violet.  I always worry she's not warm enough.    

We've had some warm weather lately though.  (We've even been wearing shorts!)  And thank goodness because Violet recently had a growth spurt and all her winter clothing was suddenly too small.  I may or may not have looked kind of like a negligent parent because I didn't want to buy bigger clothes for just one more week of winter weather.

Jon just got back from another weeklong business trip to Houston.  Luckily, it went by pretty quickly.  And when he came back he brought me back a half a dozen cupcakes from Crave Cupcakes.  Holy goodness.  I immediately inhaled one and a half...and another one around 3 a.m. when Violet was up teething.  And I don't feel guilty.  

Violet and I are just so excited Jon's back.  

I finally finished Pride and Prejudice!  A lot of modern-day love stories are filled with characters that are kind of selfish and sometimes mean.  What I love about this story is the main characters are genuinely good people.  They love their siblings and their families.  Most of the book is a series of events where characters are trying to protect and care for their family.  If you enjoy Downton Abbey (which you should!), then you'll like this book.
So now I'm super behind on March's book (The Food Babe Way) and I'll probably be behind all year now!  

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Violet is 16 months old!  How did this happen???  

Violet's personality has really bloomed this past month.  She is silly and funny.  She loves to dance, read, give kisses, and when she gives you a hug, she runs at you with the force of an NFL linebacker. I literally have to brace myself for impact.  If you're caught off guard, she will mow. you. down.  

I thought it would be fun to tell you 16 things about my 16 month old.

  1. Violet's favorite books are: Love You Forever, The Foot Book, and The Beginner's Bible for Toddlers.
  2. She likes to sit in boxes.  If I were trying to set a trap for this child, all I need to do it put a box on the ground and she'll climb in. 
  3. She tries to be such a little helper.  She likes to fold laundry---especially the already folded laundry that's been put away.  She also likes to put things away.  I find random items in my sock drawer all the time.  In fact, if I can't find my toothbrush, that's where I look first.
  4. Violet loves when it's time to brush her teeth.  She goes into the drawer and gets her toothbrush herself.  And when she's done, she puts it away, too!  
  5. Her newest animal noise is a snake.  She says "ssssssssssssssssss."  
  6. Before she learned what a snake says, she learned what a cow says and her "moo" was the most depressing "moo" you ever heard.  It was so cute, I saved a picture of a cow on my iPhone's lock screen because she'd say it every time she saw it.  It never got old.
  7. Violet goes through these intense food phases where she cannot get enough of a certain item.  A couple months ago it is was peas.  Last month is was blueberries.  And this month it's broccoli.  One night for dinner she ate like an entire head of broccoli!  (Don't worry, she ate other foods, too.)
  8. Her language is exploding.  She's constantly doing her best to imitate words we say.  Some of her words sound like she has a British accent.  Is it bad I'm not trying to correct it?
  9. Speaking of language, I am finally "mama"!!!!!!  She's long since said the word, but to her everyone was "dada".  Last week I walked up to her while she was at her bookshelf, and she looked up at me and said, "Hi, Mama!"  My heart melted.
  10. She can say and identify where your nose, eyes, and bellybutton are.  I'm nervously waiting for the day she pokes someone's eye out.  I mean, it's bound to happen.
  11. Violet loves to go outside soo much.  She will try to escape anytime the door opens.  It doesn't matter if it's freezing or raining, or both.  
  12. This kid loves to dance.  There doesn't even have to be music on.  There's music in her heart...and I'm pretty sure it's funk.  
  13. Perhaps the most annoying fact about my child is that she's figured out how to take her diapers off.  It's been fun.  (And by fun, I mean not fun.)
  14. My daughter is a night owl.  No matter how often I manage to get her bedtime in the 8 o'clock range, she manages to push it back every time.  Luckily daylight's savings time is coming up, which I'm hoping will help.
  15. Anytime Violet "reads" a book or magazine with pictures of food, she says, "mmmmmm, mmmmmm, nom, nom, mmmmmmmm."
  16. And lastly, she's finally learned how to climb onto the sofa on her own.  As soon as she figure it out, she promptly got down and practiced climbing up again.  This kid...

I'm ashamed to say I didn't meet my February goal of reading Pride and Prejudice.  I have really been enjoying the book, though!  It's even better than the movie, which is my all-time favorite.  Part of why I haven't finished is because I got March's book at the beginning of last month, The Food Baby Way by Vani Hari, and couldn't help but read some.