Friday, July 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Everything is happening so quickly with Violet.  She has two razor sharp piranha teeth and more on the way.  She is spending more time standing and trying to coast from place to place.  There is even some baby dancing going on in her crib while we pick out her clothes for the day.  (She's got more rhythm than me, that's for sure.)  It's been especially fun making her laugh, but it's almost more fun to see her doing things that she knows will make us laugh.    Neil is still the funniest thing on this green earth though.  Every child that has entered our house has scared our cat into hiding, yet he will let our daughter climb all over him and try to give him a mama cat bath.  Not only that, he comes looking for her.  I keep waiting for V to spit up a hairball. 

Because things are moving soo quickly, I wanted to take a step back just a couple of months and remember Violet before she was as wild and rambunctious.   

Now-a-days anytime I try to take pictures (at least on my phone), she's on the move so much, 98% turn out too blurry to even recognize her.  Occasionally though, I'll get one that really captures her sweet little personality.