Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Adventures

Violet went to her first little birthday party on Saturday.  She was passed around from one person to the next and was perfectly content with all the attention.  She was especially fascinated by the bubble machine they had going in the living room.  Those kids know how to party.

I tried introducing her to another cat, totally expecting her to light up like it was Christmas morning and I got nothing.  She apparently only has eyes for Neil.  So, when we got home I unleashed her on our cat, who promptly played dead in order to survive her love crushes.

Violet has been loving her new walker.  I really should call it a runner though because the girl knows only one speed: haul ass.  We have long, wide halls and zero carpeting, so she has been zooming in every direction.  Anytime she's near our feet, we're scared toes are going to be amputated.  I hear the Jaws theme in my mind when she's near.  The fear is real, y'all.  As expected she chases after Neil non-stop.  Don't feel bad for him though; he comes looking for her.  She also ran to Jon when he came home from work on Friday, which I'm sure just melted his heart.

I know walking isn't a far off notion.  Nothing and no one (particularly Neil) will be safe then.