Friday, October 31, 2014


I know they say the baby days just fly by, but boy do they.  I blinked and my baby girl turned one.


Seven teeth
Lots of mimicking our actions and and sounds we make
Different facial expressions, including a pretty mean looking stink eye
Pulling blankets over her own head to play peek-a-boo
Saying "Hiiiiiiiii" and "Heeeyyyy"
Lots of finger pointing


Being chased---she'll peak around a corner until we start to come after her and then she RUNS!
Cats---Violet LOVES cats.  She got a book for her birthday called Meow Meow! from her cousin and she went nuts over it.  We also saw a cat on a leash on our outing today which was pretty exciting for her.  
Eating whatever we're eating---she's happiest when she's got food in her mouth.  
Being outside---she loves going for walks, exploring the front and backyard where she likes to pick up and crumble leaves, and swinging.


As expected, Violet doesn't like being told "no" or not getting what she wants.  Tough life, huh?  The other day I found The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman: The Famous, Inspiring Story of One Woman's Courageous Battle for Freedom amongst her pile of board books.  She's quite the oppressed little reader.

Life Now-a-Days:

Violet is such a sweet, little girl.  She has a smile on her face from the moment she wakes up.  I usually wake up to hearing her on the baby monitor saying "hiiiiiiii" to her little lamb security blanket.  When I go in her room to get her, she offers me a pacifier, though sometimes it's a fake-out.  All day long she is so generous with her hugs and kisses.  She loves to share everything from her toys to her half-chewed food (yummy, right?).

Happy birthday, sweet Violet!