Sunday, November 9, 2014


This post is a little later than I'd hoped, but I've been a little (okay, a lot) sleep-deprived since Violet decided to be awake hours at a time in the middle of the night.  The worst night she went down at 7 o'clock and woke up at 10 o'clock AND WAS AWAKE FOR SEVEN HOURS.  Good grief!  I was traumatized.  And I was tired, so tired.  I wanted to roll up a hundred and snort some coffee.  But let's be real---I'm a stay-at-home mom, so it woulda been a cheap, hollowed out BIC pen.

Any other nights before this horrible night, whenever Violet woke up because of teething or whatever the reason, I knew she'd go back to sleep, even if it took an hour.  Ever since that night I felt a panic whenever she woke up that she wouldn't go back to sleep.  It's been three weeks (a llooonnnggg three weeks), but we are finally getting back to normal.

Now, back to the party.

For our little pumpkin's first birthday, we had a costumes encouraged party!  Violet dressed up as a little jack-o-lantern, Jon dressed as a skeleton (made by himself out of white duct tape and black clothes---he's a crafty one, my husband), and I dressed as a black cat.

When Violet awoke from her nap, I went in with my costume on and meowed.  She was so excited she kept pointing at my nose and whiskers and saying "hiiiiiii" over and over.

Violet had a ball at her party.  She ran around everywhere and was just the sweetest with everyone (especially those who fed her).  She really knows when to ham it up.

The party was a complete success!  Violet had so much fun and ended up with more toys than we know what to do with!