Wednesday, October 8, 2014


This past weekend we took an afternoon trip to Mississippi to visit one of Jon's cousins.  I was a little nervous about the 45 minute car ride because Violet doesn't love being strapped in.  She was never soothed to sleep by the motion like most babies and would often just scream entire trips.  I know some people say "babies cry," but it was always hard on my heart (and ears) to hear it.    However, Violet was a champ and didn't shed a single tear!

Jon's cousin lives on a couple hundred acres of pure country.  Violet got to see some cows, chickens, and a very friendly horse who came right up to us and let me pet him!  She squealed with excitement at the sight of them and wasn't afraid at all.

Violet had lots of fun exploring new territory, petting a couple of old dogs with big ole bellies that practically drag on the ground as they walk, picking persimmons, and going for a ride on my shoulders which resulted in hysterical laughter.

I can't wait to take her to a pumpkin patch this weekend to pick out her very first pumpkin, which she will no doubt have to taste before we buy it.