Sunday, October 26, 2014


If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say we're going through a "wonder week," consider yourself lucky.  If you do know, then have sympathy on us and our sleep deprived sanity.

So Violet's brain is having some major development going on right now, which also means she has been more like a grumpy old man than the sweet little angel baby she usually is.  She's been needier, constantly wanting to be held.  If I try to put her down she pulls her legs up, refusing to stand.  She's been throwing little temper tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants.  And she's been an insomniac the past three days.  Last night she was up until past midnight acting wilder than a meth head hillbilly who just won the lottery.

At the end of this wonder week (which could actually last up to 6 weeks--ugh), Violet will have some new abilities.  I know it's not nearly as mind blowing for everyone else, but it's pretty exciting for me to see her realize she's capable of doing new things.  Some of the new things she's already doing are: mimicking our sounds and actions, pointing at things she wants, putting things back into baskets and drawers instead of just pulling them out and throwing them wildly, and perhaps the most frightening of them all---she's figured out how to climb.  She's not quite tall enough to actually climb on furniture yet, but she has been literally climbing up the baby gates using her toes like a monkey would.  She's also been sharing her most coveted possessions--her pacifiers--which she sweetly offers me when I come into her room to get her after her nap and in the morning.

Here's a little video of Violet "reading" a book that we can't stop watching because she is just so stinking cute.  Seriously.

So if you find yourself Googling rhetorical questions like, "What is wrong with my baby?"  Or "Why won't my child sleep?!!!!" then you are very likely experiencing your own wonder week.  If you survived it without pulling your hair out, I wanna know how.