Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Work & Manic Monday

Another weekend come and gone.  Jon and I (mostly Jon) used it as an opportunity to finally cross some things off our honey do list.  Violet spent most of her time being fussy teething.  
Of course the power had to go out right at bedtime on Sunday.  Thankfully it wasn't out for long- but just long enough for me to realize how much I depend on the white noise soundtrack we play on loop in Violet's room.  V was very vocal about not wanting to go to bed under these new conditions by standing at the end of her crib yelling like a billy goat.  I really think she just yells to see how high-pitched she can get.  (And in case you're wondering, I'm pretty sure there are dogs in the neighborhood whimpering at her high frequency calls.)

 Although a bottom tooth appears to be peaking through, Monday has been a much smoother day for Violet (and therefore for me).  Violet, though not even 8 months, just takes one nap a day.  That solitary nap is the only time I have to get anything done around the house.  Usually I can expect about an hour and a half out of her.  Somedays however, my faith in the good Lord is restored when V takes a nap for longer than two hours.  Today was one of those days!  (Can I get a hallelujah, amen?)
She even let me put her in her jumper for about 5 minutes while I threw a load of laundry in the wash.  I hear many babies are endlessly amused in their jumpers.  Not my child.

 It always starts out like this...

Soothie Pacifier Clip

And ends like this...

Oh the humanity.  I think it's the music this thing plays.  I know it makes me want to stick needles in my eyes.  (This is only a slight exaggeration.)