Thursday, July 9, 2015


This kid.

At 20 months old, Violet definitely has a personality all her own.  She is wild and sweet and funny.

Here are twenty things about this child that makes us love her more than we ever thought we could.

  1. Maybe you noticed from the picture above, my daughter is wearing a swim diaper on her head. This is her new thing.  She has a fascination with hats and all things you can put on your head and pretend is a hat, including, but not limited to hand towels, a potty training seat, underwear, and pants.
  2. She doesn't like food on her face, but doesn't mind at all if it's in her hair.  All in her hair.
  3. She hides behind chairs and under tables to poop.  I can confirm it by asking her...and then she runs.
  4. I've mentioned before how my daughter is a monkey.  I mean it.  She uses the handles to climb up the cabinets.  Next month, she'll be scaling skyscrapers. 
  5. Violet likes to look in the mirror and make faces, which then immediately cracks her up laughing. 
  6. There are two foods she dances for.  Bananas and milk.  
  7. I don't want to jinx myself, but Violet has been a champion at brushing her teeth these past THREE days.  Before that, it was easier brushing my cats teeth than hers.
  8. Violet is an independent woman.  She likes to help put away the dishes, sit in a real chair to eat, drink out of a real cup, and eat using real utensils.  None of that baby crap.
  9. She says "thank you" when she gets something, and also when she gives something.  
  10. She hates cartoons, but loves the most God-awful, early 90's sing-alongs. 
  11. Violet learned how to jump.  So now she jumps all over the place, including her crib when it's supposed to be bedtime.
  12. I brought Violet to a gymnastics class for the first time last week and she freakin' loved it.
  13.  She's finally been sleeping through the night on a regular basis.  So I guess this means I have a couple months of good sleep before it starts all over again. 
  14. She is a heathen in Lowes.  Jesus take the wheel.  We don't know why.
  15. I think we're within the realm of the "terrible twos" because yesterday she flipped the eff out because I pulled the wrapper all the way off the cheese stick.  
  16. Whenever Violet falls down or hurts herself, she says, "Wuh happen???"
  17. And anytime she drops somethings or can't do something by herself, she says, in a very dramatic tone, "OH NOOOOOOO!!!!!"
  18. She likes to crumple into a ball fold clothes with me.
  19. Her favorite part about our weekly trip to the grocery store is the free cookie she gets from the bakery.  She called them ookie.
  20. First thing in the morning is my favorite time with her.  She's super cuddly.  She'll rest her head on me and gently put her hands on my face.  She's pretty much the sweetest little girl alive.