Thursday, February 5, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Jon's 31st birthday and went on our first date since having Violet.  She's 15 months old.  Yikes.  

I know some mom's have no qualms about going out after only a couple of weeks, but I just couldn't.  Maybe it was maternal instinct, maybe it was separation anxiety, maybe it was hormones, but I just didn't want to leave her for very long.  Truthfully, I really couldn't leave V for more than a couple of hours anyway since I didn't pump.  Now that she's eating solids though (except for sleep-related nursing), it's much easier to get away without worrying about her needing me.

So on Jon's birthday, his parents came over to watch Violet while we went out on the town.  We had dinner at John Besh's La Provence, our go-to restaurant for date nights before Violet was born.  And it was nothing short of a religious experience.  For my main dish, I ordered jumbo gulf shrimp & creamy risotto and Jon got their slow cooked Mississippi rabbit.  God, it was good.  I wish our iPhone pictures did the food justice.  Actually, I wish they were scratch and sniff.
It was definitely really nice having a couple of hours to ourselves.  It was mostly nice because I didn't have to hold a baby while eating/rush through a meal in 5 minutes/eat once hot, now cold food.  

And when we got home, it was clear Violet didn't even realize we had been gone.