Friday, January 30, 2015



Violet is definitely understanding more of what we're saying to her.  I can tell her to go pick out a book to read and she'll go get one, whereas before I might have to point at the books while telling her.  She loves to read and with the weather warming up, I decided to take her to the library a couple of weeks ago for the first time to pick out some books.  She was totally overwhelmed with the urge to pull down all the books from all the shelves.  So, let's just say it was an adventure for both of us.  I did find out they have a storytelling time for her age group on Tuesday mornings we are going to start going to, which I'm excited about.

Violet has also figured out how to climb on some of our chairs, which is surely a milestone in her eyes.  The first time she did it, she just sat up there with the smuggest little smile.  We're definitely going to be in trouble when she can finally climb on the sofa because she literally becomes a wild animal when she's on it.  I do not understand it.


Violet loves going outside.  She knows the word "outside" and runs to the front door and practically hangs on it.  I've always taken her for walks in her stroller when the weather is decent, but now she just wants to run and explore on her own more.

Bubble baths.  I introduced Violet to the world of bubble baths a couple weeks ago and bath time is suddenly the event of a lifetime.  Before I would have to chase her around to try peel off her clothes and now she hangs over the tub trying to get in on her own.


Um, discipline.  I know Violet knows what "no" means.  I know because she tells me no.  I think this is the part of parenting when things get fun and parents of teenagers make comments like, "oh just you wait..."  At least they can take away things from their kids as punishment and they'll understand there are consequences for their actions.  With Violet there's just mutiny, I sternly say "no" or something else equally offensive in her eyes, and then she has some kind of highly dramatic, emotional display of opposition.

Life Now-a-Days:

This past week has been a rough one on the homestead.  Violet's been teething/has a cold.  I can't ever tell if it's one, the other, or if it's both and I'm just that lucky.  Thankfully the roughest patch ended a couple days ago, but her runny nose has still lingered on like an unwelcome houseguest.  She was blowing snot bubbles the size of half dollars---I kid you not.  And she was skipping naps left and right, which made kinda feel like the mayor of Crazytown for a few days there.  So as you can imagine, besides her being a mess, so was I, and the house.

On another note, I finished reading The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson.  And whoa.  If you watch the show, Longmire (which you should if you don't), then just know it's different from the episode.  At the end of the book I was both shocked and saddened.  So, I definitely recommend it if you like mysteries.  I'm going to read the rest of books in series, but next month I decided to finish reading Pride and Prejudice.  I know it might technically be cheating since I said I'd read a book a month and I already started it, but February is kinda cheating because it has fewer days.