Wednesday, December 31, 2014



Violet is so fast.   I don't mean she's fast for a baby, I means she's like Olympic athlete fast.  I now understand why parents put their children on a leash.  (Note:  I do not own a leash for Violet...yet.)  She also has great balance.  We've had some boards on the floor during our kitchen remodeling and she loves walking from one end to the other.

In this past month V's ability to communicate with us (aside from crying) has really grown.  She says "mah" for more and "nana" for bananas.  She waves when she's saying "hi" and when we say "bye bye."  And she's learning more animal sounds.  She now also knows meow for cats, who for owls, and she roars for lions, tigers, bears and horses---I can't explain the last one.

Violet can now identify where her bellybutton (and my bellybutton) is.  And she think's it's the most hysterical thing ever to really jam her finger in there.


Food.  All food, except eggs and raw tomatoes.  For literally almost every bite of food she takes, she says "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."  And she definitely has a sweet tooth.

Funkadelic's music.  Violet is George Clinton's #1 fan, or at least his youngest fan.  Girl can get down to the funk.

Here's a little video of some of her best moves.


She still pretty much detests being in her carseat.  We're planning on getting a car DVD player to see if it will help keep her calm for our longer journeys.  I know television before two is so bad, and I don't want to rot her brain, but I really feel like she's chiseling at my brain with an icepick when she screams bloody murder because she hates being strapped in.

Life Now-a-Days:

Leading up to Christmas, we listened to a lot of Christmas music and anytime "Oh Holy Night" was played, she would sing along with it.  For whatever reason, it's the only song she'll sing to, so even though the tree is on the curb and the decorations are packed (sorta), we sing it just to hear her sing with us.

Sometimes Violet likes to scream at the top of her lungs just to see our reaction.  And then she smiles or laughs because she thinks she's silly.  And then we smile or laugh because it is.