Monday, September 15, 2014


As soon as Violet learned to walk, I bought her some shoes.  And as expected, she only liked putting them in her mouth, not on her feet.  In fact, as soon as I put the shoes on her feet, she looked up at me like uh, Mom, these don't belong here and tried to kick them off.  It took a while to even get her to stand up in them.  When she finally started to walk, it was definitely awkward for her.  She had her arms stretched out like a zombie and she took slow, high steps.  If you've ever seen a cat walk while wearing socks, well, that's exactly what she looked like.  

Typically when we go places, I wear Violet in a Baby Bjorn.  I've been wearing her since practically day one, so she finds comfort in it, and it usually calms her down if she's fussy.  Until last week, that is, when she grunted, strained, and thrashed around like a ferrel cat.  She was clearly trying to tell me to put her down, but since she was barefoot, I was not about to let her roam around a store like some hill billy.  However, it was definitely my sign that she needed to practice walking in shoes.    

Pediped Shoes
So this past weekend, we took her outside to practice.  Annnddd she lasted about 10 seconds before she became fascinated with the grass and all the new things she could taste.

And because I felt you might need a visual of a "kitten in mittens," we put some mittens on Neil, Neil volunteered to help illustrate it.