Tuesday, September 30, 2014


11 Month Sticker


Five teeth, running or at least speed walking


Bananas! Actually, Violet hasn't met a food she doesn't like (except maybe broccoli).  Dancing!!! Chewing on her toothbrush Brushing her teeth...I have to literally pry her toothbrush out of her chubby little hand.  And she loves to play and read books.  She will pick out a book and walk over to me and sit in my lap so I can read it to her.  She especially loves flipping the flaps in Where Is Baby's Pumpkin?


Being told no and when I close the refrigerator door or laundry room (aka Neil's room) door.  Anytime either the fridge or the laundry room door is open, she makes a mad dash for it.  She's quick, too!  I usually close it just in time, which results in her slamming her hands on the door and slowly sliding her body to the ground while saying, "WAAAHHHHHHHHH!"

Life now-a-days:

I bring Violet in the shower with me in the morning.  (Before I couldn't shower until she took her nap, which was like noon or later.  Yuck.)  She has about a dozen bath toys that she talks to.  Her baby language has really evolved.  It's not just the same sounds repeated over again.  It's more like Elvish.  Which means she's probably a LOTR fan and doesn't even know it yet!

Diaper changes are no longer awful!  For months changing her diaper was like trying to wrestle an angry alligator.  But no more!

Violet doesn't have a specific bedtime.  It all depends on what time she wakes up in the morning and how long her afternoon nap is.  If she's awake when we eat dinner though, she sits in her highchair and eats with us, usually whatever we're having.  She loves trying new foods and there is a constant, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." and sometimes a "nom nom nom" while she eats.  It's pretty adorable.

I really feel so blessed to have such a smart, sweet, silly, beautiful, cunning little angel baby.